Saturday, February 06, 2010

DJ Set for the Dex Romweber Duo Performance at Third Man Records 2-4-2010

Everything except the final song played from 7" vinyl...

Bill and Will: Goin' to the River

Bill Carter and the Rovin Gamblers: Baby Brother

The Artwoods: Sweet Mary

The Velvet Underground: Temptation Inside Your Heart

The Jayhawks: Stranded in the Jungle

Ronnie Love: Detroit, Michigan

Edwin Starr: Stop the War Now

Timmy's Organism: I'm a Nice Guy Now

The Driving Stupid: Horror Asparagus Stories

The Black Lips: Katrina

The's: She Was Mau Mau

Felt Letters: 600,000 Bands

The Detroit Cobras: Slumlord

The Gories: Telepathic

Jason Merrick and the Finders: I'm Not What You Are

Apparition: Apparition

The Misfits: We Are 138

R. Dean Taylor: There's A Ghost in My House

Louis X (Louis Farrakhan): A White Man's Heaven is a Black Man's Hell

Sound of Imker: Train of Doomsday

A Number of Names: Skitso


Dillon said...

Any idea on what was the name of the song Dex played during sound check? The lyric "that is all" was repeated quite a bit. Swank told me at the time it was by Roy Orbison, but I can't remember the name.

Anonymous said...

[insert anonymous and unnecessarily rude comment disrespecting blogger here]

Anonymous said...

When's that Timmy record comin out?