Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Esquire magazine presents...Ben Blackwell?

Back in March I was flown to Detroit by Esquire magazine to record a song and take part in a fashion shoot. While I initially viewed it as a free trip back home to see my friends and family, I ended up genuinely enjoying the experience. It was my first time in a proper recording studio left to my own devices and the result, a song called "Bury My Body at Elmwood" is something I'm proud to have written and played all the instruments on. And as much as I dreaded it, the fashion styling/shooting weren't all that bad.

Here's what Esquire gave me to say about it all...

For its May 2011 issue (on newsstands April 26), Esquire gathered Ben Blackwell and four other amazing musicians in Detroit for a two-day fashion shoot with legendary photographer Danny Clinch. To make things interesting, Esquire also issued a challenge to each musician: create, perform, and record an original song inspired by the phrase “Last Night in Detroit.” Each musician rose to the challenge, and Esquire is now selling the songs (as well as a five-song EP) on iTunes to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit.

Check out Ben’s story, hear a clip of his new song, “Bury My Body At Elmood,” and watch some behind the scenes video at: http://www.esquire.com/detroit

Click here to buy Ben’s new song: http://www.itunes.com/esquirepresents


Bensonmum said...

I like that song!
Mr Benson's too.

Luke said...

Great song Ben. I don't know you but i thought i would tell you anyway. i especially like how you reference the fact that Elmwood maintains the original landscape of the city. big points to you sir.

I don't care for Brendan Benson's song however. i know this isn't the forum for such things and I don't know him but he comes off as ever eager to take a swing at the city. If he won't "shed a single solitary tear" then why participate in returning to the city? The lure of a free plaid jacket too great?

Either way, great job Ben.

Anonymous said...

Dirtbombs Fan #2: forthcoming cass split sounds awesome. cash in hand, ready and waiting.

Anonymous said...

that is a great song, i really like it.

Anonymous said...

Where is Ben Blackwell?

Anonymous said...

Did you get to keep the "fashion"? Do tell.

A photo layout would be nice.

Anonymous said...


I can live without the fashion info but that track rules, seriously.

that's just you playing isn't it? I think I can only hear drums and guitar.

Anonymous said...

imagine my shock and awe as i'm flipping thru my copy in the "library" and i see both ben and brendan in there. pretty wild.