Thursday, January 28, 2016

When You Find Shit in Your Basement and There's Some Vague Importance Attached

While digging through my archives recently, I found an unassuming scrap of paper. While this should be otherwise forgettable, the fact that said party is the only party I've ever not been allowed into or immortalized in an illustrated video gives me enough reason to share here. Google Street View shows a structure exactly as I remember it from over 15 years ago. Standing on the porch, party clearly blazing, being told there was actually no party going on and then sitting in a minivan in the driveway, trying to make sense of what actually happened are not exactly fond memories, but they are memories nonetheless. Please enjoy this completely unnecessary exercise.


Anonymous said...

wow, how much stuff have you kept?


Anonymous said...

Your experience reminded me a little of this quotation by Yoshida KenkĊ - written in 1329-31. Times don't change much.
'If someone new comes visiting, the boorish and insensitive will always manage to make the visitor feel ignorant by exchanging crytic remarks about something they all know among themselves, some story or name, chuckling and exchanging knowing glances.'

Anonymous said...

Can't spell... obviously, I meant 'cryptic' there.