Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Things on My Desk and/or Within Arm's Reach

yellow egg-shaped container of “Big Putty”, the oversized cousin to Silly

Les Georges Leningrad “Sangue Puro” CD (reviewed for Metro Times)

USSR military belt-buckle depicting hammer/sickle inside a star

unopened can of Cass beer, bottled in Korea, imported to Mongolia

gorilla head pencil sharpener

unopened 8-trak of the Stooges “Funhouse”

- blood capsules

membership card to “Alone, Together” the defunct Strokes fan club

Swingline stapler

Herf-Jones printed name cards for my high school graduation announcements

unopened package of P. Bagge “GRUNGE” pencils

unopened wheel of Black Cat firecrackers

dried-out container of Floam, pink

Michigan Panthers pennant

architectural layout/design of Lewis Cass’ grave

pre-Interstate highway map of Detroit

Mooney Suzuki foam finger

PXL-2000 Pixelvision camera (which I’ve used once)

graphing calculator

Polaroid picture of my brother and I with Kirk Gibson, Dan Petry, Dave Rozema and Dave Bergman

Self-inking rubber stamp that says “Fragile: Love Inside”

Clifford the Big Red Dog eraser top


Referral from Dr. Gary Mosio saying I need my three wisdom teeth removed

box of Cass Records business cards

White Stripes door placard from Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Sub Pop patch

“Join Me Be Drug Free” yo-yo

Cub Scouts neckerchief holding-together thingie

sheet of DC Comics superhero stamps


MC5 “Back in the USA” reel-to-reel tape

V.I. Lenin wall tapestry

$5 Staples Rewards rebate check

empty 17 ml HP tri-color print cartridge

unapplied Goner Records sticker

unidentified My Little Pony

orthodontic retainer from approximately 8 years ago

Vancouver Canucks patch (original black/orange/yellow logo with skate)

American Red Cross blood donor card

instant worms

picture of my girlfriend, Malissa

Animal from the Muppets bookmark

Stevie Wonder official fan club membership card


reenie said...

hey benny, why dont you quit writing and clean up all those "things on my desk.....

xxoo mom

Anonymous said...

and the manuscript for your book...I hope.