Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Singles Column Volume Seven...

The Covingtons I Hate You Baby Sound Camera Records
Contemporaries of the Gories who’ve just now released a limited (300 copies) single. Typical 80’s garage performances with the song somewhat Stooge-like I Hate You Baby making both a studio and “live” appearance on this single. Cover of the standard No Friend of Mine is overdriven to the point of sounding like a Sub Pop record of the era. The insert, complete with photos and flyer repros, is the most worthwhile thing here. Lots of stories and interviews and a cliffhanger leaving us aching for volume 2.

Lord Galvar/Swimsuit Rights split single, Brittle Records
Uh, I forget why I ordered this. I think I read a descrip of Galvar that seemed interesting. This is hand-numbered in marker #6/30. Limited sleeve? I don’t know. Lord Galvar is reminiscent of Liars They Were Wrong…-era without the inspiration. But I’ve heard it all before. Female vocals? I could give a shit. This is what happens when I wait months before listening to records I mail-order. The first of Swimsuit’s two tracks is quick and forgettable, but the second song…Sad Walk (for Dave) grabs me…noisy, lo-fi with insistent bass, mangled keyboard and feedback for the masses.

The Retainers/Fashionable Idiots split single, Fashionable Idiots Records(?)
Spray-paint stenciled sleeve. Awesome. Shredding competent punk rock. Why haven’t I heard more about the Retainers? Seems like everyone could get into this. Accessible? Sure, why not? The FI song Blue Jean Attack is a certifiable instrumental classic, equal parts superhero theme song and solid Sixties dance beat. Both sides are loud as shit. Recommended.

Standing Nudes When I Arrive True Panther Sounds
A-side is like an effects-ridden Sonic Youth ballad with the femme vox of Saturday Looks Good to Me. Got this single approximately one month after I mail-ordered it, but they threw in a copy of the Strip Mall Seizures CD, I’m assuming as a “sorry”. The flip is boring four-chord wonder until the wah-wah solo peeks its head through the placenta of complacency. If this is their first release we can expect good things from them. If they’ve been at it awhile…it’s time they re-evaluate their life decisions.

The Saboteurs Cement Feet Commodity Fetish Records
The Saboteurs DIY Going Underground Records
These are not 7” releases by the Raconteurs in Australia. Left Coast guitar/vox/drums that sounds like kids goofing off in the garage and coming up with some pretty interesting shit. Lyrics like “Whatever happened to rad people, doing rad things, for rad reasons.” I’m assuming the lack of a question mark has some significance? The Commodity Fetish single comes with an insert with a reading list. Uh, no thanks. I stopped reading when I dropped out of college THANK YOU! T
The GUR single (numbered 23/150 if anyone out there is compiling a database) misses the joie de vivre of Commodity Fetish jams.

Sparks Dick Around In the Red
Dick Around is the best mini-opera of the modern era. The radio edit trims minutes off the running time and remains faithful to the original. B-side Hospitality on Parade recorded live at the Avalon in LA. I can’t believe these guys are label mates with the Dirtbombs.

Samuel L. Jackson Stackolee Paramount Vantage
A surprise freebie from the pressing plant. These are the actual performances from the “Black Snake Moan” movie…I guess. Stackolee is a blue version more-suited to the lascivious Andre Williams vocal style with Blues Hammer slide geetar wailing. The song Black Snake Moan is lonely log cabin confessional with rain pitter-patter background rhythm and rauncy Fat Possum fat git tone. Samuel L. has got some pretty mighty pipes here. I’m impressed.

Black Lips/Demon’s Claws Rolling Stones Tribute Series, Norton Records
The Lips do What to Do and their country efforts are their least impressive. Still, it’s better than any single band in the country today. Demon’s Claws version of Factory Girl is subdued and suited well. The pan flute or whatever woodwind it is spices things up in a reverential way.
When Norton finally puts all these Stones covers on a CD it will prove to be mighty killer. The’s, Greenhornes, Hentchmen, Reigning Sound…pretty much all the essential garage bands you can think of. Another Norton coup.

The Sonics Busy Body Norton Records
Recorded live in Tacoma 1964. Plain and simple, this cooks. While I’m not terribly on top of the Sonics back catalog, I believe this is the first testament to their stage performance and we can safely assume they decimated most crowds that came before them. The Witch on the B-side has vocals a tad low in the mix, but that’s the only criticism worth leveling on this heavenly slab. Do you know how hard Bob Bennett grooves on the skins? Listen here for the answer. Essential, but you already knew that.


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What's this all about hmmm?

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we included the strip mall seizures because you are a KEWL DOOD and we want you to like our label. Do you want a copy of the upcoming standing nudes lp?? It rips!

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cdr on its way next week