Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Items I Didn't Win on eBay...

Detroit Garage-Nick & Jaguars-Ich-I Bon-45 RPM Acetate

$73.52 $56.66

The Units - Ready for the House LP - Jandek

$106.50 $99.99


$51.09 $25.55

Jarvis Street Revue Mr Oil Man Orig Canadian Psych LP

$112.50 $79.77

Magik Markers - For Sada Jane LP Wolf Eyes Hair Police

$23.73 $16.66

Oblivians demo Goner Reigning SFTRI garage lofi Memphis

$113.61 $25.55


$21.61 $15.55

McSweeney's 6: Dave Eggers, TMBG, etc. [McSweeneys OOP]

$34.15 $25.55


GBP 56.55 GBP 55.55

So it's pretty self-explanatory...the lower number is my maximum bid. The higher digits the actual selling price. By item...

Nick and the Jaguars: From the Old and Gold radio archives, this is quite possibly the copy that the Gories heard on the radio, made a cassette copy of and then learned from for their cover of "Ich-I-Bon #1" Not too sad I lost as a VG copy of a questionable record (I've heard numerous cautionary tales about questionable acetates going around in Michigan awhile back) isn't too desirable to me, especially when I already have a stock copy.

The Units: I keep losing on LP copies of the first Jandek record. At least the 3rd copy I've big on and lost. This was a radio station copy with something like "WPGU rox" written on the cover. That I don't mind. I probably should've bid at least another $30. I still want this. Damn.

Sonic Youth: I'd never heard of or seen either of these two LP's before. Bootlegs, but good and rare ones at that. Probably would only listen to them once though.

Jarvis Street Revue: A pretty beat-up copy of this record, both sleeve and vinyl. As it usually goes for $500 and I've never spent anything near that for an LP, this was probably the best chance I would get for an original. Not too shaken up as limited repress on green vinyl with a bonus 7" can be had for around $30. I'm all about the bonus 7". I highly recommend picking up a copy of the CD reissue of this. Canuck punks from Thunder Bay environmentally aware before it was mainstream. And killer flowing psych jams to boot. Check out "20 Years"...

Magik Markers: The constant eBay cock-tease. I can't win their records to save my life. For all these modern noise bands that release scads on cassette and cd-r I like to make sure I have all their proper vinyl releases. Still yet to grab one of these suckers. The album itself is somewhat of a departure from their usual ear-drum bludgeoning. A lullaby...almost. I'm sure I'll get this sooner or later.

Oblivians: Long-shot. Never even thought I had a chance. First release from one of the greatest of the Nineties. Already have all the track on the "On the Go" LP. Am a sucker for band's first releases though.

Purple Persians: Only recently brought to my attention, there's still just so much 60's garage that I haven't even heard yet. This band is supposedly a two-piece and I even think they were husband and wife? Check it out as it's pretty whacked in a "what were they thinking?" sort of way.

(please download this as it took me 45 minutes to figure out how to get it there)

McSweeneys: My record collecting compulsion has drifted over to the literary world. I'm still missing a handful of issues of McSweeneys. They're always on eBay. I'm not too worried. I just want to read them. I could give two shits about the They Might Be Giants CD included with issue 6. Favorite issue? The hoaxes of #8, the brilliance of #9 and the 20 minute stories of #12 are all so close to my heart. I'm sure you've already seen it, but also check out...
(it only took 4 seconds for that one, but you can easily spend 45 minutes at the site)

Beck: This one hurt the most. I've been looking for a copy since I first learned it existed in November. This was the first one on eBay since that time. I thought I had it wrapped up. Quite possibly the top of my wants list next to the Compulsive Gamblers 7" that I haven't cared too much about in awhile. Some prick has one listed in his eBay store for $360. I offered him $120 for it and he asked for $150. Kinda regretting not taking him up on that. Anyone got one they're willing to trade?

Feel free to post your own recent losses in the comments section. We can commiserate together.


Distracted said...

Dave Buick, what a tease~

Soledad Brothers test press with 'Southwest Sidewalk' run out groove. $160?

Soledad Brothers grey/black marbled 7'' $250-300? *crazy bidding war*

Whirlwind Heat Demo Cassette
$11.50 (Completely missed the auction)

Colin said...

The "Sonic Mania Of Brother" LP is on GEMM right now for $29.18 from a seller in Belgium/Netherlands, see:


or see: http://www.lowdownkids.com/

I've regretted some of my wins more than my losses ...

bill c said...

i've got mcsweeney's 6 w/ the tmbgs cd enclosed. have not read the issue nor listened to the cd. i must be a collector

Christopher said...

Man, this makes me want to sink my paycheck and go record hunting. I JUST got a new record player after my collectionand player were janked from me at my pad in Ferndale. Just started looking again, now I need an EBAY account !