Friday, February 16, 2007

I Had to Fill Out This Survey...

For one of my freelancing gigs where a new editor took over. Dig.

Last five albums bought
The Trees Community “The Christ Tree”
Favourite Sons “Down Beside Your Beauty”
Whirlwind “I Fucked Up Types of Wood”
Barrabarracude “Abasement Tapes”
Sonic Youth “The Destroyed Room”

Last five shows/concerts attended
The Muldoons
? and the Mysterians
Human Eye/Odu Afrobeat Orchestra
The Sights
Dan Sartain/Valiant Thor/Gogol Bordello

Five all-time favorite albums (today, at least)
The Stooges “Funhouse”
Nirvana “In Utero”
Back From the Grave volume one
The Gories “Outta Here”
Velvet Underground “White Light/White Heat”

Dead musician you’d most like to have seen perform
Robert Johnson

Dead musician you’d most like to have dinner with
Karen Carpenter

Favorite music website or blog

Choose one:
I like listening to music at home with headphones or at the show with a beer? At a show with headphones.

At a concert, I like being up front yelling or in back critiquing? Back critiquing.

Rhythm or melody? In the beginning, there was rhythm.

Lover or hater? Lover.

Fill in the blank:

The Internet has _________ music journalism. (leveled)

Blender magazine is __________. (paying writers a ton per word)

Mojo magazine is __________. (Not as good as Plan B Magazine)

The worst musical offense I know if is ____________. (the empty gesture)

I feel _________ about the Van Halen reunion with David Lee Roth. (Nothing)

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Why do you write about music?
It is the most logical extension of truly loving music.

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