Monday, February 12, 2007

What's In Your Jukebox?

(Hold your computer next to a mirror to see what these pictures REALLY look like)

I got a jukebox for Christmas a few years back. The 1960's Seeburg is both a blessing and a curse. There's no better way to listen to 7" singles in rapid succession. Yet upkeep on these beasts is intensive. Of the handful of friends I know in Detroit with jukeboxes, I can't think of any that are currently in working order. The worst part is the only jukebox repairman in town who'll make house calls is kind of a douche who's reminded every single one of us that he once worked on Jack White's jukebox.

My particular model plays small hole 45's at 33rpm and big holes at 45rpm. That was the original reason for the creation of small hole 45's...extended play jukebox records. So some records I'd like to have on there are kept-off because of their hole-status. But bonus such as seven Misfits songs on one single more than make-up for any disappointment. And if I'm really audacious, there's a few shady individuals I know who'll knock out the center hole for a price.
I must admit that when I fired the sucker up for the photos I had this unfounded hope that having not turned the juke on for over a year it may have somehow fixed itself. I always think this about electronic devices...that if I ignore something that's broken long enough it will learn to fix itself in hopes of pleasing me. I need help. Here's a run-down of what's on my box...

100 The Beach Boys Good Vibrations b/w Wouldn’t It Be Nice
The scene in "Roger and Me" where the laid-off auto-worker describes Wouldn't It Be Nice triggering his nervous breakdown is heartbreakingly beautiful.

101 The Mooney Suzuki Hey Joe b/w 7 and 7 Is

102 The Cyril Lords No More Good Times b/w Where Do Girls Go?

103 Blanche Who’s to Say b/w Superstition

104 Tin Knocker Distracted b/w Build a Garage
All Cass releases are slotted according to their catalog number. Muldoon had to drill the center-hole out of two Tin Knocker singles before he got it just right.

105 The Swamp Rats Psycho b/w Louie Louie

106 Sagger Black Market Body Parts b/w Satyrs Make Martys

107 Love Little Red Book b/w Alone Again Or

108 The Alarm Clocks Yeah b/w No Reason to Complain

109 Dirtbombs/White Stripes Cedar Point ‘76 b/w Handsprings

110 The Black Lips Freakout, Sweet Kin b/w Steps, Fad, I’ve Got a Knife

111 The White Stripes Let’s Shake Hands b/w Look Me Over Closely
In all the years I've had a jukebox, this single has always been on it, formerly at the coveted #100 slot. Easily the most-played song on here.

112 Adult. Suck the Air b/w High Heels on Tile Floors

113 Clone Defects Bottled Woman b/w Cheetah Eyes
Another that's been on here since the beginning.

114 The Yardbirds Shapes of Things b/w I’m Not Talking

115 Bob Seger Syster 2+2=? b/w Death Row

116 The Keggs Girl b/w To Find Out
Repress. Like I'd toss the original on here.

117 The Pretty Things You Don’t Believe Me, Buzz the Jerk b/w You’ll Never Do It Baby, Come See Me
You'll Never Do It Baby
came on one day and I proceeded to dance up a storm with my only intention being to make my sister laugh. This single has since become the #1 go-to if looking to start a dance party in this house.

118 Elvis Presley That’s Alright Mama b/w Blue Moon of Kentucky
Repress on RCA. Will trade for original on Sun.

119 Television Little Johnny Jewel pt. 1 b/w Little Johnny Jewel pt. 2
If ever a bassline were to run through my head eternal, this would be it.

120 The Starlite Desperation Our Product b/w …It Rhymes with Bitch

121 The Kinks You Really Got Me b/w It’s All Right

122 The Greenhornes I Won’t Take it Anymore b/w Lost Woman

123 Pavement Stereo b/w Embassy Row
One of the few "For Jukeboxes Only!" singles that actually fulfills its decree.

124 The Sonics Strychnine b/w Shot Down
Thank Lord for Norton Records and their Jukebox Series. Put this in because I became familiar with the Greenhornes shredding live cover of Shot Down.

125 The Mystery Girls Turned On, Tuning In b/w Everbody’s Talking, Killing Floor

126 The Hives Walk Idiot, Walk b/w Genepool Convulsions
The most current release on here. So I guess that means I haven't had this working since 2004. Sad.

127 J. J. Fad Supersonic b/w Instrumental

128 The Mooney Suzuki Turn My Blue Sky Black , Babies in the Cradle b/w Your Love is a Gentle Whip
Self-released version.

129 Beck It’s All in Your Mind b/w Feather in Your Cap, Whiskey Can-Can
Somewhere between this version and the one that appears on Sea Change, Beck did a stellar live acoustic version of ...Mind that usurps either or his others. I have that on a cassette bootleg.

130 The Sonics Cinderella b/w He’s Waitin'

131 Eric B. and Rakim Microphone Fiend b/w Microphone Fiend (Long)
I only know of this song because of Rage Against the Machine's cover of it. Wish more late-Eighties hip-hop made it onto 7".

132 Depeche Mode Just Can’t Get Enough b/w Just Can’t Get Enough

133 Adult./Dirtbombs Pray for Pills b/w Lost Love

134 The Rolling Stones I Wanna Be Your Man b/w Not Fade Away
Not Fade Away always makes me bust out into a weird half-Iggy, half-Bo Diddley hambone air maraca shake. Needs to be seen to be believed.
135 The Kinks Tired of Waiting for You b/w Come On Now
My favorite single by my favorite jukebox band. Well represented here, the Kinks did more undeniable two-siders than any other Sixties rock band. Go ahead, try and argue.

136 MC5 I Can Only Give You Everything b/w One of the Guys
Original copy on AMG that is beat-to-shit but plays without a skip. An eBay steal at $37.

137 MC5 Looking at You b/w Tonight

138 Machine There But For the Grace of God b/w Get Your Body Ready
Totally amazing and totally different from the Gories cover.

139 The Oblivians Motorcycle Leather Boy, Love Killed My Brain b/w Blew My Cool, Song Inside
Blew My Cool is the Oblivians at their best.

140 The Animals A Girl Named Sandoz b/w When I Was Young

141 Thirteenth Floor Elevators You’re Gonna Miss Me b/w Tried To Hide
My national anthem.

142 The Misfits We Are 138, Bullet, Hollywood Babylon, Attitude b/w Horror Business, Teenagers From Mars, Last Caress

A present from Dave Buick. I commented how much I'd love to have this bootleg single of these 7 essential Misfits tunes and not only did he pull the single from his broken jukebox for me, he even gave me his Crimson Ghost-tagged title strip as well. Bummed I didn't think to slot this in #138.

143 The Pleasure Seekers What a Way to Die b/w Never Thought You’d Leave Me

144 The Make-Up Blue is Beautiful b/w Type U Blood

145 The Shangri-Las Remember b/w It’s Easier to Cry

146 The Make-Up Free Arthur Lee b/w Tell it Like a Version
This, along with the Gap Band, Miracles, Crystals and a bunch of others, is a record that is carried solely by the strength of the A-side. All have forgettable B-sides.

147 The Victims Television Addict b/w (I’m) Flipped Out Over You
Repress. If there were no repress I would probably put my original on here.

148 The Stooges Down on the Street b/w I Feel Alright (1970)
Quite possibly the greatest 45 of album tracks. US promo copy with criminal track fade-outs.

149 The Crystals Then He Kissed Me b/w Brother Julius
I'm sure I'm not the only youth of the Eighties who discovered this song via the opening credits of Adventures in Babysitting but I'm willing to wager any of those other youths didn't come to appreciate this Spector symphony as much as I have.

150 The Cobras I Wanna Be Your Love b/w Instant Heartache
A-side is inspiration for the Gories Nitroglycerine. Repress.

151 Motor City Bonnevilles Make Up Your Mind b/w That Lonely Feeling

152 The Rats The Rats Revenge Pt. 1 b/w The Rats Revenge Pt. 2
Repress on Norton. Like I'd throw the original in here.

153 Dollhouse Shangri-La Tiger b/w I’m a Man on the Move
The song-ending effects explosion on Tiger is probably the loudest my juke gets.

154 The Wildbunch Take Off Your Clothes, Nuclear War (On the Dancefloor) b/w Ballad of MC Sucka DJ
Ballad is actually the A-side here, but I always dug the flip so heavily that I took it upon myself to re-appropriate.

155 Gene Vincent Be-Bop-A-Lula b/w Baby Blue

156 The B-52's Rock Lobster b/w 52 Girls
Original early versions of both these songs. Stellar.

157 The Kinks I Need You b/w Set Me Free

158 The Yardbirds Over, Under, Sideways, Down b/w Ha, Ha Said the Clown

159 The Four Tops Bernadette b/w I Got a Feeling
The cold screamed plea of "Bernadette!" is probably my favorite Motown moment.

160 Midnight Star Freak-a-Zoid b/w No Parking on the Dancefloor
I think this 45 belonged to my dad. He had an affinity for this kind of funk. Hands-down one of the most cruelly overlooked singles I can think of.

161 The Kinks Till the End of the Day b/w Where Have All the Good Times Gone

162 The Kinks All Day and All of the Night b/w I Gotta Move

163 MC5 Looking at You b/w Borderline
Total Energy repress. Loud as all get out.

164 The B-52’s Dance This Mess Around b/w Lava

165 The Yardbirds For Your Love b/w Heart Full of Soul

166 The Creation Making Time b/w Try and Stop Me

167 The White Stripes Lafayette Blues b/w Sugar Never Tasted So Good
I think this copy is on pinkish vinyl.

168 The Unrelated Segments Where You Gonna Go? b/w It’s Gonna Rain

169 The Stooges 1969 b/w Real Cool Time
Italian copy.

170 Smokey Robinson and the Miracles The Tears of a Clown b/w Promise Me

171 The Gap Band You Dropped a Bomb on Me b/w Lonely Like Me
Another dad favorite. The 14 minute version is worth owning as well.

172 The Detroit Cobras Ain’t it a Shame b/w Slumlord
The best thing the Cobras have done or will ever do. I'll say it again...they are always better when they cover rock songs. Question Mark's version of Shame was an old standby on here for ages. Slumlord packs a wallop that the Deviants version never managed. Essential.

173 The White Stripes Party of Special Things to Do b/w China Pig, Ashtray Heart
Probably the most expensive single on here. The juke scratches up some singles and leaves others visibly unaffected. I'm hoping this one is clean. But I've got a spare if it's scratchy.
174 The Strokes The Modern Age b/w Last Nite
You know, for kids.

175 Weezer Buddy Holly b/w Jamie

176 They Come in 3’s Where Rev Lived b/w Too Far to the East
Overlooked genius from the apogee of Detroit Garage Rock. Worth the search.

177 Scene Creamers AK-47 b/w Luv Wuz

178 Clone Defects Scissors Chop b/w 15 Minute Love, Mars

179 Bobby Brown My Prerogative b/w My Prerogative (Instrumental)
Was excited/horrified/delighted when both Britney Spears and Selfish Cunt covered this song at relatively the same time. The groove is bombastic. Dig it.


Distracted said...

167 The White Stripes Lafayette Blues b/w Sugar Never Tasted So Good
I think this copy is on pinkish vinyl.

No this is the most expensive 7'' on here...

angela said...

its true what he says about #117. i have seen the dance and it is not to be missed.
also, this song can make ANYone want to be a drummer...even me.
reading through the list brings back fabulous memories, memories from when these songs would actually play...sigh

Matt P said...

No “Apache”??? Tonto get on it? Kemosobi get on it? Custer get on it? Ah, nothing like watching the "african american" table get down to the Sugar Hill Gang - with a wonderfully choreographed performance....

Sometimes, if I think hard enough - I can conjure a beautiful slow motion image of Fr. Bryson (is he still alive?) shuffling down the aisle peddling slushes "One for 25 cents or two for a quart-ah" - I hear nothing but Bryson and the soothing voice of Sinatra regaling the entire lunchroom with "Summer Wind" - - - “Like painted kites, those days and nights - went flyin by…” (preach it Frank) … Oh, where has the time gone?… (Often that memory involves animated birds.)

Ben - talking to Alan and we have no idea who sang the Happy Birthday song - but we both agreed that it was very oddishly happy - he thought perhaps clowns.... do you remember who it was?

Cousin Gary said...

Dude - still have that Upholsterers 7" held for ya ... I should try to mail that out sometime next week, eh?

Nice jukebox collection, indeed.

Did you know that I was actually in attendance for the RATM performance of "Hadda Be Playin' On the Jukebox" at the Milan Dragway?

benn said...

it was the sunsetters on dearborn records who had their version of "happy birthday" on the notre dame cafeteria jukebox.
i think i still have "apache" around here somewhere and i was the one responsible for getting it in the school juke. good times.