Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ben's Wantlist for 2007...

Will buy or trade for any of these reasonably offered. Releases in bold are especially wanted. Question marks indicate I'm not sure if they even exist. Send any leads my way...

Compulsive Gamblers Church Goin’ 7” (got a copy 5/7/07)

Suicide Cheree 7” (got a copy 4/28/07...and one with"Ghostrider" as the flip on 5/24/07)

Jazzie Red I Am a Dope Fiend any format (got a copy 5/24/07)

Sonic Youth Stick Me Donna 7” (got a copy 4/28/07)

The Fabs That’s the Bag I’m In 7” (got a copy 4/18/09)

The Lee VI’s Pictures on My Shelf 7”

The Scientists Frantic Romantic 7” (got a copy 5/24/07)

Bill Fay Screams in My Ears 7” (got a copy 6/19/07)

Pixies Monkey Gone to Heaven 7” (got a copy 2/9/07)

Pixies Velouria 7” (got a copy 3/19/07)

The Horrors Sheena is a Parasite 7” (got a copy 3/19/07)

Melvins Spit it Out 7” (got a copy 11/17/09)

V/A Dope, Guns and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 1 7” (got a copy 4/28/07)

House of Freaks Crack in the Sidewalk 7” (am now convinced this doesn't exist)

Soul Brothers Six What You’ve Got 7” (got a copy 4/23/07)

Sleater-Kinney Fortunate Son CD-single (swore I saw this evidence otherwise)

Billy Bao Bilbo’s Incinerator 7” (got a copy 3/30/07)

The Headcoats You Make Me Dance (You Make Me Die) 7” (got a copy 5/14/'s a 12")

The Headcoats A-Z of Your Heart 7” (got a copy 2/9/07)

The Headcoats I’m Hurting 7” picture disc (got a copy 4/16/07)

The Headcoats Organic Footprints 7” (got a copy 2/9/07)

Eric’s Trip Belong EP 7” (got a copy 3/19/07)

Eric’s Trip Gordon Street Haunting 7” (got a copy 7/10/07)

Cat Power Undercover 7” (got a copy 3/30/07)

Six Organs of Admittance s/t LP (got a copy 3/7/07)

The Prats Jesus Had a P.A. 7” (got a copy sometime in 2008)

Church Mice 7” (got a copy 3/19/07)

Jarvis Street Revue Mr. Oil Man LP (got a copy 10/5/09)

The Black Diamonds I Want, Need, Love You 7”

The Elois By My Side 7” (got a copy September '09)

The Monks Complications 7" (got a copy 6/19/07)

Beck Pay No Mind 7” (got a copy 3/12/07)

The’s 1st 7” (got a copy 11/28/07)

The Fastbacks A-A-A 7" (got a copy 7/23/09)

The Kinks The Village Green Preservation Society 7” (got a copy 4/23/07)

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