Thursday, January 18, 2007

Most Recent Mix...

I was in a mix CD club last year. 12 people from all across the country made 11 copies of their own mix and mailed them off to the rest of the gang. Here's the mix I made and the notes that accompanied the CD. I'm not going to wax rhapsodic about the cultural significance or any bull like that, so just absorb. And if anyone knows how I could upload mp3's on Blogger, that'd be a plus too.

1. the Walkmen “Louisiana”
My personal song of the summer…makes me imagine slow sunsets. Still not sure if the horn section sounds mariachi or Caribbean. Opinions?

2. Elektricni Orgazam “PoDJimo”
I had no idea punk music existed in Serbia in the early ‘80s until the Dirtbombs played there. This CD cost the equivalent of $3 new.

3. Brenda Holloway “Think it Over”
The best Motown song you’ve never heard. A classic at Northern Soul all-nighters.

4. Seu Jorge “Rebel Rebel”
After dozens of listens I still crack a smile every time I hear this.

5. Swamp Rats “Hey Freak”
Why they never released any originals in the Sixties is beyond me, but this is as close to the Rosetta Stone garage punk will ever find.

6. the Politicians “Commodities”
Unknown, unreleased early ‘80s UK band, found on an acetate. Any one know anything else?

7. Co-Real Artists “What About You (in the World Today)”
The only necessities for making a perfect song are vocals and drums.

8. the Gories “Land of 1000 Dances”
Taken from a live performance on Detroit-area cable access TV. Peg’s maraca breaks in the middle, they stop, and then start the song from the beginning. Mick’s screams are pure distilled rock and roll.

9. the Prats “Disco Pope”
Teenage Scot brats who can barely play. Too bad they grew up.

10. Electric Prunes “Vox Wah-Wah”
I bought a wah-wah pedal immediately after hearing this.

11. the Victims “Perth is a Culture Shock”
The best punk band ever. Never wrote a bad song. The precursor to hardcore?

12. the Satintones “Motor City”
An ode to the home town. But really, fuck this place.

13. Jarvis Street Revue “20 Years”
Taken from what some consider the first environmentally aware album, “Mr. Oil Man”

14. the Hives “Uptight”
Non-album b-side written by their engineer. Gives me a boner.

15. Flat Duo Jets “Pink Gardenia”
Down-home punk instrumental? These guys never got their due.

16. Public Nuisance “Small Faces”
And these guys never released an album. The closest American Sixties youth ever came to freakbeat.

17. Dan Sartain “The World is Going to Break Your Heart”
Po’ boy from Alabama writes ‘em like nobody else. Not released (at the time) and probably will be in a different form.

18. Karate Party “One-Two-Three-Four”
Released one single and became the A-Frames raison’d’etre. Essential.

19. Stevie Wonder “Uptight”
Live from some TV performance…this is the tempo I always thought the song should have been.

20. Rodriguez “Establishment Blues”
Unknown in his hometown of Detroit, Rodriguez is a superstar in South Africa and Australia. He still fills stadiums there.

21. Crème Soda “(I’m) Chewin’ Gum”
Predates the Cramps. The rest of their stuff sucks donkey balls.

22. Compulsive Gamblers “The Way I Feel About You”
I’ll let you in on a secret…this was Greg Cartwright’s best band.

23. Nick and the Jaguars “Ich-I-Bon #1”
The first white act on Motown/Tamla, these Fifties greasers were trying to replicate the success of “Tequila”. They failed.

24. Jon Wayne “But I’ve Got Texas”
An in-between-take joke told by country and western session musicians? Sample lyric: “I had to jack-off the dog just to feed the cat.”

25. The Blow “The Touch Me”
“The Bonus Album” is easily their best record. All the rest…blows.

26. The Oblivians “Blew My Cool”
Recorded in the former dojo where Elvis studied kung fu and karate chopping p’nut butter and ‘nana sandwiches with a quickness.

27. John Krautner “Tower of Diamonds”
He plays in the Go. This is a demo. It almost made me cry.

28. The Music Convention “Belly Board Beat”
An original copy of this record supposedly commands $1000. Idiots.

29. the White Stripes “Love Potion Number 9”
Live from the Gold Dollar at their second show ever. Don’t let your little brother put this one on Soulseek.

30. Kelley Stoltz “Old Pictures”
Ok, this one made me cry. From an Aussie-only tour CD. Buy everything this man has done…you will not be let down.

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