Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Things We Left in the Fire" in new issue of Boat Magazine

Issue Two - See it Through from Boat Studio on Vimeo.

Boat Magazine is a new magazine that sets up shop in a specific city and focuses each individual issue on that particular city. Issue one was Sarajevo and featured work by Dave Eggers. Issue two settled in Detroit and features writing by Jeffrey Eugenides and myself, Ben Blackwell. I am pretty damn stoked to type that sentence, if you were wondering.

As for my article, here's what Erin (one of the fine folks behind Boat) had to say about it:

"And in the second issue of Boat Magazine we have an article called ‘Things We Left in the Fire’ by Ben Blackwell. He talks about how his mom’s house caught fire in Detroit and the difficulty he had sorting through the things that were there. He mentions the impressions of his feet in the cement sidewalk as a little baby and the baseball cards he left in the attic. It’s amazing how, years on, he can still remember the things that he left behind."

(I was known by my initials for the first eight years of my life. The impression was done when I was four months old)

I know I briefly touched on the subject of the house fire here on the blog a couple of years back, but this piece focuses more so on the aftermath of the incident and the utter confusion it brought about. Please buy many copies here...