Thursday, November 10, 2016

Happy Ten Year Anniversary Tremble Under Boom Lights...

I originally wanted to call this thing "Rain on Tin" after the Sonic Youth song...but at the time that domain was already taken. I wanted something that gave this place a sense of sound. After scratching my head for another minute or two, I switched up that thought and wanted something that was more visual and the high-water mark of Jonathan Fire Eater still feels fitting a decade later.

I bought the .com domain for this place YEARS ago and after lazily bothering no less than three web conversant folks about making this happen over the past seven years with absolutely no results, I will happily take advice from anyone who can help take this thing to the next level.

I originally bristled at the idea of writing a blog...not only for hating that term, but for some reason thinking it was a lame thing to do. But Creem online was clearly moribund and not running the pieces I was sending their way (reviewing 7" singles, specifically) so I said "fuck it" and ran with it. I reasoned that it was the modern equivalent to what a zine was ten years earlier. I've always had the sub-titled of "Pap and pabulum for the post-modern proletariat" because I thought it sounded just a bit pretentious and self-deprecating at the same time. I kept the same design for nine plus years before just updating it recently out of boredom.

Damn I had so much to say. I wouldn't shut up when a tour was happening! As I look at the yearly number of posts, it dwindles considerably once a full-time job pops up and even more once fatherhood kicks in. I'm happy for this place to be the repository of where my so-called creativity and opinion lives, whether it be writing, talking, videos, shameless self-promotion or whatever the Internet lets me do. Were I to disappear completely, I would at least be proud of what I've left here.

At the risk of sounding sappy, thanks to the dozens of people that actually read this drivel. If anyone has any questions or requests, as part of this wild tenth anniversary celebration, I'll be happy to answer them. Here's to grinding out another ten years and that a twentieth anniversary post can happen with a little more forethought and planning, ideally because ten-year-old and thirteen-year-old daughters should be more manageable.