Thursday, September 20, 2012

New (Old) Jams to Chew On...

Here's a pile of new things currently available for purchase on the mediocre Cass Records label.

First off, from New Zealand's Ray Woolf is a tasty slice of 1967 doom, unreleased until this year.

Next is the latest nugget from Nashville's Ranch Ghost, a collection of upstanding individuals unparalleled the world over. They make rock and roll.

And finally, of particular excitement in releasing something that's been a goal to put out for over ten years, the Vegetarian Cannibals and the poignant punk prose of "Preppie Attack" from the LP Before the Fact recorded in 1990.

Of additional excitement is some of the TV publicity Mr. Woolf is getting in regards to "Little Things That Happen" Check out the clips below...

Too Risque for the 60's a nice piece talking in-depth about the history of "Little Things That Happen"

Live Studio Performance Ray performs two songs with "Little Things" starting at the 3:25 mark

All these gems can be purchased from the delightful Cass Records website. Please do so post haste.

But these things already...