Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Things You Should Be Listening To...

First off, the eagerly-anticipated (by me at least) debut LP from Detroit's Growwing Pains. For some reason deep in my ever-expanding gut, I feel this thing getting huge. The jams are solid with guest spots by folks like Chris Campbell (Terrible Twos), Hunter Muldoon (the Muldoons) and Nathan Jerde (The Ponys). I don't think I've liked a band from Detroit this much since Tyvek first popped its nerdy head.

Also in the Urinal Cake stable (a label so able it's got legs like Betty Grabel) is Feelings. This seems to be the first legit band by dear friend (and the unofficial mayor of Woodbridge) Dave Buick since the Go. That's saying something. The tunes amply display the holy reverence applied to all things Nirvana by the brothers Mueller, with significant bits and beats of Clean-liness. This may or may not have been recorded using my drums, some of which used to be Ben Swank's drums.

"Missing Time" starts off like I'd think the song would be annoying, but ends up earworming itself into my consciousness. A good sign.

Other things floating around you should check out...

The Pampers s/t (In the Red Records) - I thought this was a bunch of kids in their early twenties. The pic on the insert seems to display otherwise. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or a sleight. Regardless, this is a solid aggressive rock band like a cross between the more-accessible parts of the Oh Sees and the less-forgettable stuff of A-Frames.
Below is a stream of a song off one of their out-of-print singles. If you're into vinyl speculation, I'd track down BOTH of their Jackshack singles and wait about six months to rake in the cash on eBay.

I guess this came out almost a year ago, but with rumors of an impending live LP, there's no better time to remind all about the absolute perfection achieved by the Victims from Australia. The Sleeping Dogs Lie LP (or CD if you're my grandpa) is worth whatever you have to pay for it on Discogs. I promise.

The Medico Doktor Vibes LP Liter Thru Dorker Vibes has been an absolute head-crusher and has been bought by no less than three employees at Third Man. I can't think of a release other than anything by Ty Segall that gets that much love around these parts. 100 copies of this were pressed in 1979 in South Central Los Angeles. Think of it as DIY Guyanese electro psych. A one-of-a-kind vision if there ever was one. First 500 copies of the repress are gone, more expected in December. Mark your calendar if you're not already on-board.

I'm a little behind-the-curve on this one, but "Carpet Rash" by Total Control has been in my head once a week for the past ten months. Sometimes it feels like this song will never end and a lot of times I wish it didn't

And even further behind on jams are the wonderfully rich outtakes and alternate mixes of Spiritualized's Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space. There aren't too many other records I'd declare perfect, but usually anniversary reissues of these titles leave much to be desired. Not so with Ladies. My recent listenings have been nigh-religious experiences. Everything on the two discs of bonus material is earth-shatteringly eye-opening. Here's the one track that almost made me cry.

The upcoming live album by the Gories ain't no slouch either. But you already knew that. Required listening for gourmands the world over.