Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Latest Single from the Dirtbombs...

Above is our side of a split-single with Fucked Up that was released as part of our participation on the 2012 Bruise Cruise.

The song was recorded live at the Southpaw in Brooklyn at CMJ in 2007. It starts with a few seconds of silence with the idea of messing with the listener to turn up their stereo in confusion. You have been warned.

We ended the set with this piece and as we walked offstage someone, probably Troy, commented on how the whole thing sounded like something by Can. Thus came the inspiration behind the song title.

Here's what I wrote at the time of the performance on this very blog...

"The highlight of the show, the weekend and (in my opinion) the entire year was the way we ended “Theme From the Dirtbombs.” What usually descends into schloppy noise gunk somehow caught onto a wicked loop that we chewed on for near-on four solid minutes. I thought it kinda sounded like Can krautrock mixed with A-Frames atonality. I was playing my fucking balls off, hitting the drums as hard as I could after already playing for over an hour. It was a stuttered, Mitch Mitchell wannabe beat coupled with Mick’s effected, Mission of Burma guitar slashes and similar wickedness from Pat, Troy and Ko. The whole time we were locked in all I could think was “I can’t be the one to stop. I can’t be the one to fuck up.” It was SO-DAMN-INTENSE! And in the end, no one did either. While an internal test of wills, we were able to commence together and stumble offstage, wholly pooped. I felt a level of self-accomplishment that I’ve never really experienced before. We did an encore, but the show was made with that ending."

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